Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us:

“Love, Love, Love! This is the best money I’ve spent in years! The relief of getting my home cleared and organized is a refreshing change. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-P.H, Chapel HIll, NC
“Ever since Kristina reorganized my closet, I have not had to go shopping for new clothes! Normally I would have spent nearly $1,000 on new clothes in the past 6 months, but Kristina did such a great job, it was like going shopping in my own closet!”
-S.B., Charlotte, NC
“KBarrettStyling helped me to implement sustainable systems and whatever the problem, the solution was well thought-out for my needs. I have a clear idea of how to keep things in order on a daily basis and this reduces my stress considerably. I could never have done it on my own, it was a defining change and I am grateful to have found such a personable and qualified organizer to help me.”
-M.J., Chapel Hill, NC
“Since moving to area I have lived in four homes, built an office building and opened a business in Huntersville. Neither my home nor my business would exist today without KBarrettStyling. This is not hyperbole, without Kristina’s clarity of purpose and natural professional abilities I could not have weathered the rapids and complexities of those tasks.
Thank you, very much, I am in your debt.”
-D.L., Cary, NC
“Kristina almost literally saved my life. My husband and I were almost crushed under the load of clothing and shoes that had piled up in my closet. Kristina came in and helped me find a place for everything. Now if she can just help me invade and take over my husband’s side of the closet, things will be perfect.”
-R.E., Durham, NC
“I’m so glad Kristina came to organize my house. I used to have my toys up high where I couldn’t reach them. Now I have my very own toy basket so I can stick my head in there anytime and get my ball.”
-Lenny – the dog, Hillsborough, NC
“I luv her. Really I can’t say anything more. She helped make my life livable again. Thank you, Kristina!”
-A.J., Chapel Hill, NC,