What lies beneath…

We are still working on getting the pool back to its normal state.  The pool guy came yesterday to check in and vacuum the pool but even with all the chemicals we dumped in you still could not see the bottom so that proved to be ineffective.  My husband and I are still wondering what might be lurking below that we cannot see?  We told the pool guy that we discovered a dead bird when we first removed the cover.  He said he had seen much worse: squirrels, cats, dogs and horses.
Yes I did say horses!  He said a horse fell into a homeowners pool and they did not notice until the next morning and the horse had died.  The pool guy said it took about 7 big guys to get the horse out of the pool.  What a sad and heartbreaking story.  I think I would have had a hard time swimming in the pool with that terrible picture in my head.

The pool guy said it could take days, weeks or even a month to get the pool back to its normal state.  But the good news is you can see the third step and it is much clearer now.  It has gone from a scary pond green to a more coastal greenish blue. 

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