The world of podcasts…

As many of you know, I have just moved into a new house. Even though it was a local move it is still so much work! I would much rather help a client that do that again myself anytime soon. I did find that during the first few weeks of moving in when there is so much to do I had a hard time sitting still or going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Have you ever been too exhausted too sleep? Your body is so tired but your mind is full of all the things you need to do. This is where I decided to try a podcast. Yes I am a little late to the game on that one!  I kept wanting to try one but never had until now.  Oh my goodness…let me just say its a great way to wind down and get stuff done at the same time.  If that even makes sense?? First I used the podcast as my reward for a long day of unpacking.  I would listen to it in bed to help me relax.  Then one day I thought why I am not listening to this while I am doing stuff??  I ended up binging on like 10 episodes of Young House Love has a podcast.

If you are not familiar with Young House Love they are a cute DIY husband and wife team that have written 2 books, have had product lines on shades of light and target and have written a blog for years.  Yes there are a lot of DIY ers out there but these 2 are so easy to relate to and very funny.  They talk about their house projects, design, products they love, family, their dog and more…

I must say I was sad once I had listened to most of the podcasts.  I tried a few other podcasts and was instantly turned off by all the advertising.  I think I got spoiled with Young House Love.  Finally I have discovered 3 others that I do enjoy.

How I Built This which is an NPR podcast that interviews entrepreneurs and business owners about how they got started.  I listened to the one about Kendra Scott, the jewelry designer, actually on the recommendation of Sherry at Young House Love.  It was a good one.  I love Kendra Scott’s designs and it was so interesting to hear her story.

The other podcast I am enjoying is Slow Your Home.  It is a lovely Australian couple who talk about slow living and living intentionally.  I don’t know if its her accent or the content of the show but she is very calming to listen to. The podcast is a more thoughtful one to reflect on life and being less busy and more present.

The last podcast is The Minimalists.  It is 2 best friends who have embraced a life of minimalism after being in the corporate world.  They have written numerous books.  I have read their book Everything that Remains and really enjoyed it.  They are also on tour now speaking to groups everywhere about why they chose to live with less.  They are funny and witty and really make you think.

Anyway, the whole point of my rambling is if you have not embraced the world of podcasts give them a try.  You can listen while you do laundry, cook, organize and clean. And you can even throw on some headphones and listen when you get in bed.  For those of you that are always busy its a relaxing way to wind down guilt free!! ( and you might even learn something in the process).

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