Target redesign…I’m impressed!


Target makes decorating easy!

A few weeks ago I was running in target for a quick errand when I came across a beautiful sight. I was instantly drawn to a display that had great lighting, white streamlined looking shelves and beautiful home decor.  From a marketing standpoint my instant thought was brilliant! Now not all Targets have adapted this new display yet and I don’t know if they all will but I was definitely impressed.

What made this display great was that it was very clean looking and modern and you had plenty of space to walk around.  The home decor was also organized by color and so you could go to a set of shelves and actually grab items from the same color palette to use in your home.  Basically it is foolproof decorating.  The way the colors and different textures were mixed created such a nice display that it made you want to  buy it whether or not you needed it or it was even the right color palette.  It was almost as if pottery barn or another high end store had been dropped into the middle of this Target.  And one of the best parts was the prices were very reasonable.  So you can get the high end look for a fraction of the price.

Just wanted to let everyone know to be on the lookout.  If a room in your home needs a quick refresh this may be just the time to go shopping!  Or  maybe you just need some design inspiration….that could be fun too.

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