Summer time shopping

Summer time is in full swing and so is the heat!  Many of you are taking  beach vacations or sitting by the pool.  If you have kids they are probably scheduled for one or 2 camps this summer.  Summer flies by and is pretty busy so many of you don’t think about shopping for organizing supplies.

Whether you have  college age kids, little kids or no kids you can take advantage of the summer sales and selection!  I have noticed this month that many stores have back to college “dorm room” organizing supplies.  Places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond  have lots of organizing items in fun colors designed for college kids dorm rooms or apartments.   These items are  available for a limited time and come in more unusual brighter colors.  They are in a special area separate from the regular inventory.  It is a great time to pick some things up at a cheaper price for a kids room, playroom, game room, garage or any other space that needs organizing.

Get inspired!  Having some fun containers is sometimes just the inspiration you need.

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