Staying organized (and safe!) during the Coronavirus

Hopefully everyone is staying home and doing their part to stay safe and healthy! As a professional organizer who likes to be prepared, these crazy times can definitely make me a little anxious. However, I find that the more prepared and organized I am the better I feel. I’m sure most of you have figured out your tips and tricks on dealing with Covid-19 by now but I thought I would share a few things that have helped me.

-Organize supplies and essentials so that they are easily accessible when needed.

Disinfecting wipes:

If you are lucky enough to have disinfecting wipes then you know making them last is important since they are not easy to find. I decided to cut mine into halves and quarters depending on use. After cutting them place into Ziplocs with size written in sharpie on bag. The quarters are a great size to wipe down your phone without wasting a whole sheet. The halves are great for disinfecting doorknobs and other smaller areas. My husband even suggested adding a teaspoon full of alcohol to the Ziploc to boost the disinfectant and keep wipes moist. You can even keep some in your car for wiping down your steering wheel or phone.

Gloves and masks:

Keeping gloves and masks near the front or back door (by your car keys or normal drop zone) will remind you to take them with you when you head out to the grocery store or other essential trips. If you are lucky enough to have multiple sets you can keep some in your car as well. Make sure you dispose of your gloves when leaving the store or first thing when you get home so as not to contaminate any other areas.


Take your debit card or main form of payment out of your main wallet before you head to the store and put in a side pocket of your purse or a Ziploc or pouch. This will keep you from fishing around to pay and contaminating all of your purse contents.

Paper Products:

Use paper towels sparingly since they can be hard to find right now.

Buy Kleenex to blow your nose so you are conserving toilet paper.

Buy what you need but try not to hoard essential items ( especially toilet paper) so that others can buy what they need for themselves and their families.


If you are still going to the grocery store and not having groceries delivered then try to be really prepared before you go.

Make a very thorough list. Then rewrite your list in the order you would shop; produce area first, then rice and grains, meats, etc. This will keep you from backtracking, blocking aisles while you shop and asking for help from employees. Right now the best thing you can do is get in and get out quickly and keep contact with others to a minimum.

Hope these tips were helpful!

Stay safe and healthy,


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