Simplify for summer…

watermelonlemonadeHave you ever wondered if while we are all planning and scheduling to stay so busy this summer we are really missing the good stuff??

Lately I have been reading a few blogs and instagram feeds about minimalism, living simply and being happy. One of the blogs is and has a collection of articles by many different writers on topics relating to living more simply. But the common theme always comes back to busyness. Why do we all think we have to be so busy all the time?

This summer make an effort to take some lazy days and sip a glass of lemonade or eat a popsicle, read a book, admire your garden or backyard, run through a sprinkler with your kids or pups to cool off from the heat. Is it so crazy to think you could wake up and just see where a summer day takes you instead of scheduling every minute???

It’s not always the vacations and big events that you get the most enjoyment out of.  Sometimes its those simple moments that we all remember the most and cherish.

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