We have been in our house now a little over 6 months and I am happy to say we have made some progress!
One of our major projects was to renovate the 2 bathrooms. The bathrooms were quite dated and as much as I scrubbed somehow they never quite felt clean. I had a vision of our master bath and all the beautiful design elements I wanted. So first let me just say that finding a white vanity under $1,000 was quite a difficult task. I am not sure why, I guess its the fact that many of them have marble tops but white= expensive! I searched and searched online and finally found a vanity in my price range in white.

Then was the tile search for flooring and to tile our walk in shower. We did finally go to a custom tile place which made all the difference. Yes maybe you pay a little more but there are so many options and the sales people are super helpful and helped us figure out exactly what we needed based on our measurements. It made the process so much less stressful.

We decided to make the master bath a little more custom and keep the guest bathroom simple. We were so happy with the results and our contractor did an amazing job! Considering that the bathrooms are both really small I think we made the most of the spaces.

Master Bath Before and After:



Guest bath before and after:


2015-01-16 03.09.19

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