New Years Resolutions

Its time for a New Year!
Its time for a New Year!

I wanted to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Can you believe we are already more than halfway through January? Did any of you set a New Years Resolution this year for 2016?

We all have great intentions at the start of the year but as many of you know life gets busy. For some of us that big list we had of all the ways we are going to do better in the new year falls by the wayside. But why??

I have a theory on this topic. We sometimes set ourselves up to fail. Instead of choosing some small thing we want to change and tackling things one a time we go BIG. We tell ourselves we are going to do it all at once and it is going to happen overnight. Its human nature…it’s what we do.

We promise ourselves we are going to go on a diet, give up all sugar, go to the gym 5 days a week…and if we don’t live up to this big new years resolution or we slip on one thing then we decide we have failed and abandon it all together.

Give yourself a break this year and start small. Decide on one small step that you are going to make and follow through with all year.  It could be as simple as making your bed everyday, waking up and being more positive, eating 1 piece of chocolate instead of 3.  Once you tackle the first thing on your list then you can move on to the next.  Celebrate small victories instead of beating yourself up for not completing your long list of goals.

Its kind of like de cluttering your house.  Your house did  not get that way overnight and it will take time to make changes and form new habits to start the organizing process.  So as they say “eat your elephant one bite at a time. ”


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