My house -decorations for the holidays…

The holidays are always busy and my house usually gets neglected in the decoration department if I don’t decorate Thanksgiving day or shortly after. The rest of December I am usually helping everyone else with their houses so mine has to be done way ahead of time.  But that is okay- for all the work that goes into it I like to have it up as long as possible to enjoy it more.

My decorations are by no means perfect.  Each year I tweak a little and have some ideas of how to improve the following year.  But here is a little sneak peek…

(Excuse the poor photography -a new camera is on my wish list)

Cottage White Christmas
Cottage White Christmas theme in family room.
Christmas flower arrangement in dining room.
Christmas flower arrangement in dining room.


Dining room decorations
Dining room decorations


blue holiday decorations in entryway
Rustic and blue Christmas decorations in my entryway.

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