Laundry Room

Once the mudroom was mostly finished then of course I had to work on the laundry room!

I can’t do one and neglect the other.  We used the porch and floor paint again which really made a difference.  I have found though that it does scratch quite easily.  I guess because they are such high traffic areas and maybe I should have used a primer as a base.  Of course when I read some other DIY blogs they said their porch paint has held up over 2 years without a scratch.  Maybe they did 10 coats or maybe they used a different brand.  But you live and learn!

I went to Marshalls and got some cute baskets in gray and white patterns to put some practical items in that I wanted quick access to like rags, old towels and mopping and dusting supplies.  Which was great because then they looked cute but were practical so I don’t  have to hear my husband grumbling when he can’t find something.  (not that he would ever do that)  Instead he is more likely to say “you organized it out of existence”.  That is his favorite saying instead of admitting that like most men they don’t see what is right in front of them.

I decided to get a chevron rug for the laundry room because I love chevron and my husband thinks it is too trendy.  So I get my “chevron fix” and he is fine since it is just a laundry room:)
I did get an outdoor rug because it is so much more practical for wear and tear.  And vacuums beautifully.  My mom even looked at the rug in the mudroom and said that looked like it would be rewarding to vacuum.  (now she does love to clean so everyone may not make a comment like that)

The coat rack shown in the picture is one of my favorite things. I love, love, love it!
I had my eye on it at Ballard Designs and thought it was a little pricey but oh was it worth it.
At my old house I had to hang all my delicates on the shower rod to air dry which was such a hassle and I kept waiting for the day the rod would crash from all the weight.
This rack is rod iron so it is really strong, looks great and holds so much.  They even show it in the catalog in an entryway or mudroom for coats.  Much better than all the garment racks I have seen clients try that always fall apart.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is the before and after of the laundry room.

laundry room 002



I still have to tweak a few things and add some artwork but at least the bulk of it is done.

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