Kitchen shelves

Sorry about that last post!  Would you believe me if I said my puppy did it?  He actually did jump on the keyboard and hit publish.  How do they know just what button to push??? Anyway…

After reading some other blogs I got inspired to paint gray behind my open kitchen cabinets.
I hate to say I can’t remember which blog  but I think it was “Honey we’re home”.  She has some great ideas!

I really wanted to paint a darker gray but because of our poor kitchen lighting I decided to go a few shades lighter.  I also have some blue dishes with a brown edge and felt that they would be too dark against the gray.  As I looked at the shelves my husband said ” oh no I know what this means!”
I have to say he did see the wheels turning.  Yes I wanted to replace all my dishes with bright white ones and white accents on the shelves like the blog had shown.  But reality did set in and I decided to watch the budget and work with what I had.

My compromise was going to Ikea and getting some cute fake plants in great white pots to put on the top shelf.  That gives me just enough happy and pop of white to wait to replace the dishes.  So now I have a bit of a rustic cottage look combined with some white accents.

I do love the way it turned out!  It is a subtle difference but gives it a fresh new look.

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