Halloween is almost here…and you know what that means!

Fall centerpieceFall arrangement                                                                  Fall pumpkins and gourds

I’m not sure where the summer went and how we are already nearing the end of October and Halloween is around the corner! I know it sounds crazy to some but you know what Halloween means?  It means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!  I would say it is crunch time.  The more you can do now when things are somewhat calm and the chaos of the holidays has not fully set in the better off you will be.

Some tips for an easy Holiday transition:

-When you get out the Holiday decorations make sure you take that time to get rid of anything  old or broken that you no longer use.

-Pick out only your favorite decorations and weed out the bulk that you really don’t need.

-Donate any nice unwanted decorations to a local charity ,children’s shelter, nursing home or a local place in need where someone  can truly enjoy them.  But remember just because someone doesn’t have much is all the more reason they do not deserve things that are broken or beat up!

-Make sure you keep all the holiday bins that are labeled and designated for THAT holiday empty and ready for when the time comes to put everything away. (  I have seen many clients try to steal the bins for another purpose while they are empty and come up short when its time to put away that holiday they were originally designated for.)

-Once you are happy with your decorations- Take a photo with your phone!  This will make it so much easier next year if you want to duplicate the look.  And yes printing out the photos and putting them in the bins is even better.  That way you are not scrolling through hundreds of photos on your phone the next year.

-Having photos is also a great way to remember your holiday inventory the next year when you are out shopping and are tempted to add to your collection but can’t remember what you have.  (especially if you hit those  half off sales the year before)

-Involve your family or friends in the decorating process to make it more fun and less like a chore.

-Decorate as early as you think appropriate that way you will have more time to enjoy your decorations and all the hard work and time you put into them.

-Next sit back and enjoy!

(or start the holiday shopping, holiday cards, organizing for guests…..)



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