Good Egg Organizing moves to Hillsborough!

Good Egg Organizing has moved to Hillsborough, NC.  I know this may come as a surprise to some of you!  My last house was supposed to be our forever house and my husband and I put so much work into it.  It was a beautiful house with almost 8 acres of land.  We loved being in the country for the peace and quiet and our house had lots of space and plenty of storage. After living there for a little over a year we realized it was so much work to maintain the house and property.  There was also the factor that being in the country with all that peace and quiet meant that we were far from restaurants, shopping and things we wanted to do.

So fast forward to our decision to sell the house and move somewhere with a small town feel but lots of art, music and great food.  Our house sold very quickly which we were grateful for but that put us in a tight time frame with a December move a week before Christmas!  To those of you that I have worked with for years thank you for your understanding and patience with me and my limited availability during the holidays.

We found a house near downtown Hillsborough and we are so excited about the location.  The house was built in 1921 so we are starting over again with a long list of projects, something we are very familiar with.  The house is also half the size of our last house with very limited storage and no garage or shed at the moment.  Lets just say I am presented with many organizing challenges!  Normally I love a good organizing challenge but there are only so many hours in the day.  I have been working around the clock to get everything put in its place.  Lets just say that my husband, myself and the puppies do not like living in a cluttered house! 

I will be posting some updates as I make progress on all my projects.
Until then I will try to remember what I tell my clients…take one project at a time and it will get done!

Happy New Year!

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