From Pond to Pool

I guess as a first time owner of a pool, you could say I really knew nothing about pool maintenance.
But lets just say there is pool maintenance and then there is a pool overhaul!  So the pool has been sitting for a couple of years unused and yes it shows.  Upon first inspection my husband and I peered beneath the cover into the dark murky water and looked at all the trash on top and thought yuck.
 We have watched a lot of horror movies and the pool brought up an image of one of us falling in and then having nightmares for weeks about trying to frantically get out of the scary dark water.
The image of reeses cup wrappers, lots of pollen and leaves and even a dead bird was not appealing to me.  Being the germaphobe that I am I thought lets just drain the pool and start fresh with some nice clean water. 
 However, the pool guy told us to take the cover off and start filling it up to get the level back up.  We turned the garden hose on and waited and waited and let it run all night and 
barely anything.  After many hours of filling it up we finally decided to try to get out some of the leaves.  (well lets just say my husband did).  Still green and murky.
Next came the chemicals and we watched like little kids thinking that the pool would miraculously turn a beautiful clear blue in a matter of minutes.  Not quite.  Here are some photos of what looks like our pond and lets hope tomorrow it starts to resemble a pool…

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