Finally an update!

Well I guess I got busy.  Family came to visit basically 3 weekends in a row and so I got a little behind.  But yes we did get the bathroom finished just in time and it has been great.  There are a few tweaks I have to work on here and there but I almost have it the way I want.  I had to search for the perfect bench to go in front of the radiator which was a bit of a challenge but finally found one.
I may recover the cushion in a more fun fabric but it works for now.  And I found a mirror at Marshalls which was the right size but a little too white so I doctored it up with some of the blue color of the walls and threw a little brown in too!  And then I couldn’t find a place to put hand towels so I finally found a basket with a high handle and am using that to hang them on.  I think it works although my husband says he doesn’t like it.  I thought it was a creative solution.  And best of all everything is shiny and new and clean!

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