Bathroom demo

No change on the pool from yesterday except that it is a lighter green color.

Today’s project is bathroom renovation!  No we are not tackling this ourselves!
Yes my husband and I are handy but this is a total overhaul and so we called some handymen to help.
First step, demo. Well it always gets worse before it gets better, right?  As an organizer I know this so I am not worried.  They have completed ripping up the floor as of right now and just removed the very heavy cast iron tub.  This took 3 big guys to haul that sucker down the steps and out the front door.  They all commented that afterwards they felt like their arms were long like an orangutan.
I told them if they had needed my help it may not have gone so smoothly.  I would not even want to try to carry that thing.

 We are making progress but here are some “before” shots to see the worst of it.  Photos of before demo and photos of halfway through demo.  More to come…
Hopefully by the end of the day it will look a little bit better.  We have all our new stuff from Lowes ready to put in.  We are on a budget so we had to be conservative with spending but hey if its new and clean then I am happy!

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