Back to School

Many of you are sending the kiddos back to school this week. I know this is a hectic time! Shopping for new school clothes, school supplies and getting back into a routine after a leisurely summer. There are a few easy things that can really help save you time and make you feel more organized.

Establish a drop zone somewhere in the house:
(Near the door where you tend to come in and leave the most)

-Make a spot for the kids backpacks, coats and shoes
-Check the drop zone at night before bedtime to make sure the “homework” folder is where it needs to be.
-Are there any special notices from the school you need to see or sign?
-Any special items needed for next day?

Make a lunch packing station:

-Designate a shelf in the pantry with snacks that are used for the kid’s lunches
-I like to dump the individually wrapped snacks out in a clear bin and get rid of the bulky box
-Have the kid’s lunch boxes on the shelf near the snacks and all you have to do the night before is load it up and put in the fridge
(maybe even put a post it reminder at the drop zone that says “remember lunches!”)

Kid’s Activity file:

-Purchase a small decorative tabletop file box without a lid
(Container store has a great selection)
-Keep this file box near your drop zone or on a kitchen counter or kitchen desk
– It will hold around 6 files
-I would use this as your pending items that you want to quickly reference

-Some examples of categories would be:
1. Soccer or other sporting event or class- keep calendar, directory, team info
2. School -special field trips coming up, class pictures, fundraisers, etc.
3 . Medical-any immunization records or recent doctor visits or important info
4. Summer camps or other activity ideas
5. Emergency info for babysitters, etc.
(emergency contacts, cell #, doctor, veterinarian, neighbors #, etc.)
6. Any other categories you may want handy!

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