My Philosophy

I have a degree in Fine Arts from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. After college I worked in several upscale stationery shops where I designed custom invitations and learned even more about color and design. I have always loved organizing and decided to merge my two passions for organizing and design by starting my own business. I have now been helping clients for over 15 years and have done a huge range of projects. I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with my husband and our two dogs.

The organizing process has always come naturally to me and is very therapeutic. My favorite part of starting with a new client is seeing the space and imagining all the possibilities. I love a challenge and transforming a space from cluttered to calming is such a great feeling. I also believe that if you do all the hard work of de cluttering your space then you need to finish with some design elements. Making a space your own with artwork, new paint, special keepsakes, better lighting, a new rug…is an added incentive to not only maintain the space but to enjoy it.

After working with clients for over 15 years I have realized that I have been with clients for many significant life events-marriages, births, divorces, deaths, illnesses, new jobs, retirements…The common thread is that we all get overwhelmed at times in our lives and need support. It is so rewarding to me to be there for a client through a challenging time and give them a little push for a fresh start or much needed change. I find emotion plays a big role in how we view our homes, our wardrobes, and ourselves, and even making small changes in these areas can increase our happiness. My goal is to create a space that brings you comfort, brightens your day and simplifies things so that you have less stress and more joy.